Slim Solid Marker®

Product Overview

The tough marker for tough jobs, Solid Marker is solidified paint in a marker form now available in a slimmer barrel and tip for smaller marks.  Solid Marker marks virtually any surface, anywhere and any angle. It can mark through dust, rust, water and on underwater surfaces!  The easy twist action advances paint, dries within minutes, and is permanent once dry. Solid Markers won’t fade or wash off like chalk. Ideal for use on wood, cloth and canvas, plastic, steel and iron, rubber, cardboard, glass, fiberglass and concrete. Solid marker is quick-drying with low odor. Working temperature range: 14°F to 392°F (-10°C to 200°C) The 10mm tip can be trimmed with a knife for smaller marks. Alcohol based cleaners will remove the ink from non-porous surfaces.

PREVENT GRAFFITI! This product is intended for industrial and commercial purposes only. Defacing public or private property is illegal under state and local laws and possession of such products is similarly illegal for minors. Acceptance of this product for distribution and sale acknowledges your company’s responsibility in distributing and reselling this product for legal purposes only and restricts the sale to minors under eighteen years of age, where state and local laws apply.

Industrial Product Distributors

Product Specifications

Stock No. SOLID MARKER SLIM Description Shelf Pack Case Pack
 XSCS-50  White  12  432
 XSCS-49  Black  12  432
 XSCS-19  Red  12  432
 XSCS-3   Yellow  12  432