After the flame is gone...         

the markings can be seen!


Pre & Post Welding Temperature Markings using Solid MarkerTM

Notate the "pre" and "post" heat temperatures directly on the "base" and "weld" metals without vaporizing the markings by using Sakura's Solid Marker solidified paint markers.

Other types of crayons or messy valve-action paint-markers can drip, run, or pool on surfaces. Easy to use Solid Marker marks directly on the base and weld metals before pre-heating and welding. The solidified paint goes on smooth right from the start with no pumping or shaking required. Simply twist-up to advance marker material. Marks made with Solid Marker do not burn off when in close proximity of the welding torch tip as shown in the example photos.

When welds are made on surface temperatures below 392° F (200° C), the opaque marks are clearly visible. (See the markings outside and inside the tube structure in photos 1 and 2 above.) The markings remain readable on the metals even under high welding temperatures. At higher temperatures above 392° F (200° C) the color pigments burn away, but a visible "after-mark" is still discernable to the naked eye. (see the markings inside the tube structure in photo 3 above)

Key Benefits & Features

  • Marks on almost any surface, dry or wet and even underwater!
  • No dripping or mess-mark upside down, sideways, any angle
  • Convenient twist-up mechanism advances marker material easily
  • Quick-drying formula, usually dries within 5 to 10 minutes
  • Permanent when dry, water-proof & fade-resistant
  • Broad temperature range of 14° to 392° F (-10° to 200° C), one marker can do most jobs
  • Goes on smooth right from the start, just uncap and start marking
  • No hazardous material labeling or handling needed
  • 13mm wide tip, can be trimmed with blade for finer marks
  • 11 colors include 8 regular and 3 bright fluorescent colors
  • *Fluorescent colors are not fade-resistant, but are UV-light reflective and offer higher visibility in low-light conditions
  • Marker material can be removed from non-porous surfaces using alcohol-based solvents
  • Non-toxic formula, MSDS sheets available upon request

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