Product Overview

This multi-purpose pen is determined to do the job on almost any surface! The Identi-Pen is two, permanent sharp-pointed marking pens in one: a tough, fine-point bullet shaped fiber tip on one end and a finer, plastic tip for details on the other. Use this pen on paper products and non-porous surfaces such as metal, glass, tools, sporting goods, test tubes, photographs, plastics, CDs and wood. Available in eight colors: black, blue, red, green, brown, purple, orange, and yellow. Identi-Pen inks are permanent, waterproof, have low odor, bleed-proof on most papers, and are built for heavy use. The alcohol solvent, dye-stuff colorant ink will mark on nearly any surface including slick PVC and poly-propylene sheet protectors.

Alcohol based cleaners will remove ink from non-porous surfaces. Not recommended for use on fabrics intended to be washed.

Industrial Product Distributors

Product Specifications

Stock No. IDENTIPEN Description Shelf Pack Case Pack
44101 BLACK 12 1152
44102 BLUE 12 1152
44103 RED 12 1152
44104 GREEN 12 1152
44105 BROWN 12 1152
44106 PURPLE 12 1152
44107 ORANGE 12 1152
44108 YELLOW 12 1152