Industrial Permanent Crayon Marker

Product Overview

General purpose crayon stick marker is made for a variety of industrial applications. It writes on most dry or wet surfaces (except on wet glass). Waterproof and highly fade-resistant on most non-porous surfaces and is easily applied on smooth and rough surfaces. Marking surfaces include: PVC, tin, iron, wood, concrete, aluminum and glass. Removable from most non-porous surfaces only through friction caused by hard rubbing. Working temperature range: 14°F to 122°F (-10°C to 50°C) Available colors: Red, yellow, black and white. Packed 10 pieces per shelf box. 15 mm diameter x 125mm length (5/8" diameter x 5" length) Will fit in most generic lumber crayon holders for frequent use.

PREVENT GRAFFITI! This product is intended for industrial and commercial purposes only. Defacing public or private property is illegal under state and local laws and possession of such products is similarly illegal for minors. Acceptance of this product for distribution and sale acknowledges your company’s responsibility in distributing and reselling this product for legal purposes only and restricts the sale to minors under eighteen years of age, where state and local laws apply.

Industrial Product Distributors

Product Specifications

Stock No. INDUSTRIAL CRAYON MARKER Description Shelf Pack Case Pack
GHY-3 YELLOW New 10 200
GHY-19 RED New 10 200
GHY-49 BLACK New 10 200
GHY-50 WHITE New 10 200